Stephanie Thompson

Host, Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Actress

Behind the Entertainment Scene
with Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson is the host of “Behind the Entertainment Scene.” The show is all about bringing you Singers, Dancers, Directors, Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Magicians and everyone in between who share unique perspectives from the world of entertainment, lessons they learned and secrets to their success. It is fun, informative and educational at the same time!

Stephanie has been singing since the age of three. Today, she is a Member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) a classically trained singer-songwriter, recording artist, vocal coach and actor. She also does voiceovers.

Stephanie wrote several songs including a Christmas song, “The Blessing of Christmas,” which has done very well on YouTube and she co-wrote a song with Aimmee Kodachian based on Aimmee’s message of having peace in the world and her powerful true life story, “Tears of Hope,” called “Rise Above.” Stephanie’s passion is to share the insights and knowledge of the entertainment world with her audience