Aimmee Kodachian

Host, Creator, Producer/Director, Ambassador for Peace, Special Liason Officer for Women’s Federation of World Peace, Keynote Speaker

  • “Empowering Humanity TV Show”

The “Empowering Humanity TV Show” is about Educating and Empowering Humanity… Aimmee interviews some of the top experts in their field who share their knowledge, wisdom, and powerful insights to help you transform your business and personal life!

The show covers Self-development, Health and Beauty, Business Skills, Finance, Inspirational Stories and everything in between.

Judi Moreo

Host of the “World of Book Reviews”,
Author, Keynote Speaker.

  • World of Book Reviews & Beyond
  • With Judi Moreo

Judi Moreo talks about books… which ones to read to stay on the cutting edge, and which ones to read for pure enjoyment. She interviews authors, and reviews books in several genres: Business, Self-Help, Novels, and Children’s books. She analyzes the books on content, style, and merit.

Stephanie Thompson

Host, Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Actress

  • Behind the Entertainment Scene
  • with Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson is the host of “Behind the Entertainment Scene.”

The show is all about bringing you Singers, Dancers, Directors, Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Magicians, and everyone in between who share unique perspectives from the world of entertainment, lessons they learned, and secrets to their success. It is fun, informative, and educational at the same time!

Petia Kolibova


  • Inner Beauty with Petia

Petia Kolibova is women’s life coach, a mind, body, and soul transformation guide, meditation
teacher, fitness and wellness expert, body-love advocate, and lifestyle entrepreneur.


She walks women through a proven system that allows them to create a life that feels fulfilling
on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

Adnan Khawaja

Website Management

  • Owner of SkyVista Consulting

An entrepreneur at heart, Adnan has been responsible for launching hundreds of brands and websites over his career. As a consultant, he has consulted for many large organizations including Allegiant Airlines and Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Since 2012, Adnan has been the technology consultant for Aimmee Kodachian. He has been managing and developing all of Kodachian’s websites and social media.

Debbie Cohen

Debbie Cohen

  • Owner of DCSocialMarketingGroup

Debbie Cohen, owner of DCSocialMarketingGroup, is a proactive individual with a self-motivated entrepreneurial spirit, who likes to think outside the box for solutions.

Debbie started managing AKExpertsTV’s social media marketing in 2016.

Tom Riley

Tom Riley

  • Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Tom Riley is the Marketing and Advertising Consultant for He has over two decades of experience on marketing and sales.

No matter what Tom’s customer’s budget is, he always finds creative ideas to help improve his client’s bottom line and show them great results.

Aimmee Kodachian was selected as the most dynamic and hosted host for 2018 by the independent writer magazine

Featured in 2017 Choices
Winter Edition

Aimmee Kodachian Author of “Tears of Hope” Transformation Keygen Speaker, Host, Business/Life Coach