Aimmee Kodachian

Host, Creator, Producer/Director, Ambassador for Peace, Special Liaison Officer for Women’s Federation of World Peace, Keynote Speaker

“The Empowering Humanity” TV Show

“The Empowering Humanity TV Show” is about Educating and Empowering Humanity… Aimmee interviews some of the top experts in their field who share their knowledge, wisdom and powerful insights to help you transform your business and personal life! The show covers Self-development, Health and Beauty, Business Skills, Finance, Inspirational Stories and everything in between.

Aimmee Kodachian is the author of “Tears of Hope,” her true life story of a Middle Eastern Christian girl growing up during the 1975 Lebanese Civil War where she had no hope or opportunities. Deep in her soul, she believed that her life had been saved for a reason. Despite having only a fourth grade education, she challenged herself and became an author, transformational keynote speaker, host, an Ambassador for Peace and a seminar/webinar presenter.

Today, Aimmee is helping many people around the world rise above and see the light through darkness. Her mission is to inspire and encourage her audience to take action towards a better life! Aimmee is also the creator, producer and director of several TV shows. (You can watch all of the shows 24/7 at