The Independent Writer: 2018 Most Dynamic & Hottest Host Interview

Why did you start writing?

Can you tell us how you founded AK and the Experts and how it has grown to where it is now?

I simply followed my intuition…In 2005, I was driving down on the freeway coming from a business meeting that went very well. It was a beautiful day with a clear sky. I was feeling joy and happiness that I couldn’t believe that I, Aimmee, was on the freeway in the  United States. 

For so many people, that might be a normal thing, but not for me. I was born and raised in Lebanon and I have lived 13 years in the 1975 Lebanese Civil War. You can just imagine living with no hope or opportunity. Tears of joy were running down on my face. I pulled my car in the desert and I broke down crying. Then, I started to hear my inner voice telling me that I need to write my story and give people hope.

After that moment, I felt that it is my time to pay it forward, even though it was against my belief to tell my story to the world, I had to listen to my inner voice and I followed the directions I was given. it was no longer about me or what I believe. It was about helping others and that is what motivated me to start writing.

I truly believe in making a difference in the world. In order to make an impactful difference, we must share our knowledge and wisdom with each other. So I couldn’t think of anything better than having a TV show where I can use my platform to invite experts and give them the opportunity to share and teach others the mistakes they’ve done and the lessons they’ve learned. 

When you have a clear and good intention, you will grow without putting much effort to it…I didn’t stop with just my show, I’m now producing several shows including “World of Book Reviews” with Judi Moreo, “Behind the Entertainment Schene with Stephanie Thompson” and several others.

What is the Secret to your success?

What are the hardest learned lessons you have had during your writing career?

Well, there are many things that played a role in my success. Here are a couple of them that helped me…Growing up I used to focus on my weaknesses. Then, I learned that if I focus on my weaknesses, I will never reach my goal.

So I learned pretty quickly to switch my perspective and focus on my strengths and that is very important to anyone’s success.

Second, if you want to succeed in business or life, you must work on being determined and make a commitment and follow up with it. Third, you must never believe that you’ve learned everything you need to know.  You never stop learning.

The biggest shock to me was when I finished writing my book. I thought that my job was done. I wrote my book and now the world can have it. It didn’t take too long for me to see and face the reality that books don’t have legs. Your book becomes like your baby and your baby needs to be taken care of. People can help you babysit your kid but they are not going to raise your baby. You must take full responsibility and that was a hard lesson to learn.

You turned into a successful speaker along with being an author. How do they complement each other?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be & why

Before I even thought about becoming a speaker, I wrote my book, “Tears of Hopes.” That gave me credibility and direction on what I was going to speak about. You see, 80-90% of successful speakers start their speaking career by first writing their books. Even though the book gave me credibility, I still needed to learn how to deliver my message.

To me, it is a privilege when people give their time to sit and listen to what I have to say. I take that pretty seriously. It took lots of practice and training to get my message clear. Being an author first helped me in my speaking journey. Speakers and authors definitely complement one another.

Personally, I consider myself to be lucky and fortunate to be living in the best country in the world, the United States. It has given me the opportunity and the freedom to be the best I could be and that is priceless to me!

When did you face your biggest writing challenge?

How do you feel about being selected as 2018's most dynamic and hottest host?

Many people know that I have only a fourth grade education, severe dyslexia and English is my third language. it was very challenging for me to write my book when I never read a book in my life. I was faced with many challenges.

But with determination and persistence, I found a way to write my book. I hired a ghostwriter and I sat down with her one-on-one and dictated to her everything. Several years later, I was able to take the book and add some of the knowledge and wisdom I learned throughout my journey.

I actually was able to write the book myself. No matter who you are, you will always find challenges in writing your book. But if you feel it in your heart that your book is going to help others, then you will find a way to write your book and when you are done writing, you will soon forget about all the challenges.

I feel humbled, joyful, honored, appreciative, and everything in between. Thank you for selecting me!